At the beginning of 2020, I started researching how to install Windows on a VPS. At that time, after doing some research, I found that there were two methods to install Windows: - The first method is to run Windows inside Linux using virtualization. This requires the VPS to support VT-x or AMD-V. - The second method is to use wget and dd commands to download a pre-installed Windows disk image and overwrite the current disk of the VPS. This method does not require the VPS to support virtualization, but it does require recovery mode. So, how can we install Windows on a VPS that does not support virtualization or recovery mode? After two years of research, I developed a product called TinyInstaller that solves these two problems. TinyInstaller can install Windows on a VPS without requiring the VPS to support virtualization or recovery mode. Additionally, with its automatic IP configuration feature, you don't need to use VNC to set the IP for the VPS as you would traditionally. TinyInstaller supports a wide range of operating systems from Windows 2012 to Windows 2022. It supports booting on both UEFI and BIOS Legacy. TinyInstaller also supports CloudInit Script (User Data), allowing you to create multiple VPS and automatically install Windows on them. TinyInstaller will provide you with a fantastic and incredibly easy experience for installing Windows on a VPS.

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